Cima ethics case study

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Case Study - Ethics: How to pass Ethics questions in the CIMA Case Study exams

You're a CIMA student and some university friends pressure you to let them copy your work. What should you do? And could it affect your CIMA qualification? You're a fairly new to accountancy and your manager asks you to complete some work in an area where you have limited experience. You don't feel confident that you yet have the skills or knowledge to do a good job. Imagine you become aware that another accountant is fiddling the numbers to make sure you all achieve a bonus.

Would you tell anyone? Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma at work? Read an article: Identifying ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Read an article: Being ethical in the face of wrongdoing. Watch some videos about ethical dilemmas. View the checklist. Ethics in Action: Dilemmas Confidentiality Can you share confidential information from a previous employer? Peer pressure and coursework You're a CIMA student and some university friends pressure you to let them copy your work.

Professional competence You're a fairly new to accountancy and your manager asks you to complete some work in an area where you have limited experience. Self-interest threat Imagine you become aware that another accountant is fiddling the numbers to make sure you all achieve a bonus.

Gifts and inducements Would you recognise an attempt to influence your judgement? Misleading reporting Think about how you would react to being asked to producing misleading reports.The May CIMA case studies represent somewhat of a milestone as the pre-seen materials released will cover TWO exam periods — both May and August case studies will use the same pre seen materials.

This is my understanding after speaking with a few tuition providers as well as indicated on the CIMA Exam Timetables pictured below. You can see that the August has NO pre-seen materials release date, this is due to the August case study exams using the same pre-seen materials from the May exam. These are only my assumptions and thoughts, but this gives students who are planning to take a case study in August some flexibility as to when they want to start their exam preparations as the pre-seen material for their exam will be available in March.

I would suggest, though, not to start preparing for an August case study too early. This is a reminder that the pre-seen materials can be found in your CIMA plannerunder the resources menu.

I will be providing my own SWOT analysis on each exam once I have had time to digest the pre seen materials. I believe the quality of the content and support provided by Astranti with their CIMA case study courses is second to none. I used their courses to pass my case study exams first time. Complete pre-seen pack pre-seen, strategic, industry analysis and top 10 issues 3 x Full tuition videos 2 x Study texts 2 x Live Masterclasses 4 x Full Mock Exams based on May 20 scenario Detailed marking and feedback Ethics Pack Pass Guarantee.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel.The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants CIMA professional qualification develops the critical knowledge and skills required by accountants to succeed in any modern business.

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cima ethics case study

This entry-level course is designed to build fundamental accountancy knowledge before you progress to a higher level of study — perfect if you are lacking experience and not sure where to start. Aimed at individuals already in a financial role, as well as school leavers and those looking for a career change.

10 “Must-Do’s” To Pass Your CIMA Case Study Exam

View Level. This puts an emphasis on making key short-term decisions while working with others in a business.

You will also learn how to use data and tech tools to create short-term action plans. In similar vein to the Operational level, the Management level concentrates on making medium term plans from long-term decisions. It involves the management and monitoring of individual and organisational performance, while deciding on the resources required to implement successful decisions. In addition, it covers the preparation and interpretation of financial statements to identify commercial success metrics.

Adding knowledge and value to senior leaders and management is what the Strategic level delivers for learners. You will be able to influence decision-making and have a crucial impact on defining a strategy. This involves sourcing and identifying the finances needed to execute a defined long-term plan while identifying the risks that can stop the launch and delivery of a successful strategy. Within each level, you must pass three Objective Tests and one Case Study before progressing onto the next stage of the qualification.

Designed, developed and delivered by our CIMA case study experts with a proven record of success. Practical application simulating real business situations at the heart of your learning. Taught by expert tutors with relevant industry experience and a passion for their subject. Extensive support and coaching, guiding you through the qualification at the right pace. Trusted advisor status from leading businesses and professional bodies. View apprenticeships. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

View our cookie policy. Certificate This entry-level course is designed to build fundamental accountancy knowledge before you progress to a higher level of study — perfect if you are lacking experience and not sure where to start. Papers from.

Reasons why The same qualification but with invaluable on-the-job training relevant to the business you work for Training funded by the Apprenticeship Levy — making it easier to cover costs and learn through your employer Become qualified sooner with support from your employer and BPP View apprenticeships.

I am a Learner. I am an Employer. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Phone Number. Add a comment? We will use your contact details to get in touch with you about this enquiry.Image: Courtesy of Flickr user Joy. As you will have seen from an earlier blog post I wrote, your approach needs to involve:. And this schedule has been proven to work over and over again by students who have passed their CIMA Strategic level case study exam, despite working full time and having other commitments taking up their time.

You will soon catch up if you are determined to pass. Your CIMA Strategic case study exam is not just testing your technical knowledge but also your application of this knowledge. Activity 2: Start revising the different aspects of Ethics an area often examined. The CIMA Strategic level case study examiner has also made a point of saying that Ethics needs to be dealt with better by students.

So if you want to score well in your exam you need to be prepared to deal with the different aspects of ethics should they come up.

Without doubt the difference between passing and failing the CIMA Strategic level case study exam comes down to one thing: How well you have practiced your exam technique under exam conditions. But also, mock exams help you determine whether the hours you have already spent revising have worked in terms of committing the vital information to your long term memory. After all, in the heat of your exam, you need to be able to quickly and easily recall how to approach the answers.

Your marker will give you a good outside perspective as to the level of knowledge and exam technique you have displayed in your script. And also point out which areas of improvement you need to focus on most and how to go about making those adjustments. Here you want to review what a high quality answer looks like as well as the best way to structure your exam answer to the different requirements you are faced with.

Instead as you read through, think about and note down any key insights you learn. In particular ask yourself:. They will give specific feedback for each paragraph and determine your areas for improvement.

This will enable you to identify weaknesses in your answers and how you can improve on them to get those vital marks. Use what you learned from your first mock to your advantage. Particularly look to put into place those improvements identified by your marker. Submit your mock for marking to confirm how well you scored and put those improvements into place.

Keep testing yourself on how well you explain the theories you cover and your ability to apply them to potential scenarios affecting the case. Follow the same process as when you got the feedback for your first mock.Can be found at the bottom of this post. The full Astranti OCS course comes with a pass guarantee too!

Right from the outset, the pre-seen materials tell us that VitaMine have a strong reputation in the industry, which is a key reason why they have grown rapidly over the last three years — revenue has doubled from 16, to 31, in that period. All four of the board of directors hold an equal share in VitaMine and all have an excellent profile for a growing company in a thriving industry. They will all be pulling in the same direction and have a good mixture of experience and skills.

It is mentioned various times in the pre-seen materials that VitaMine are facing challenges with their staff and putting in place their infrastructure. Although this is a not a criticism of how the company is managed and led but more a consequence of the rapid growth. The pre-seen materials tell us the finance department has barely changed since We should add though that our favourite search engines might not point us to the best products, just those companies most willing to spend on digital marketing.

Meanwhile, the pre-seen materials future outlook also point to the fact internet sales have experienced significant growth over the last decade.

cima ethics case study

If I was sitting this exam in May I would definitely be reading up on how digital marketing can apply to VitaMine and the benefits it will bring. I was tempted to put this under threats, but after careful consideration I believe it can be better used as an opportunity.

Eastland government is expected to tighten regulations around manufacturing and product safety. Hock Tan from the National Health Institute is quoted as saying. Such negative press on the industry will have an impact on consumer confidence. How does VitaMine combat this? They will need to turn on the PR taps and prove their products are well the customers hard earned money.

The vitamin, mineral and supplements industry has a wide range of manufactures according to page 12 of the pre-seen materials. And with that consumers seem to have a lack of loyalty to any one brand. This means that VitaMine will need to work extra hard to keep their current customers happy and reach new ones.

Meanwhile, the Astranti video below on the pre-seen analysis should really add some more depth to your notes. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

cima ethics case study

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Our teams are working hard to dispatch orders and arrange deliveries. It provides an understanding of the importance of corporate governance, CSR and audit in the management of organisations. The Study Text has all the theory, with worked examples and real-world case studies to bring it to life.

The Exam Kit contains exam standard practice questions, exam tips, and outlines key topics, to reinforce your knowledge. In the run up to your exam, the Revision Cards will help you revise crucial areas. Included are two marked mock exams that look and feel like the real thing. If you have purchased online content you'll access this via your MyKaplan account.

If you don't already have a MyKaplan account, we'll send you an invitation email once we've processed your order. Just follow the instructions in the email to set up your account and access your content. You may have purchased books that come with online content. When you receive your materials you will be given more details about accessing this extra resource via MyKaplan.

As well as ordering online, we offer a variety of ordering options for individual students, colleges, universities, bookshops, and distributors.

the cima student

Find out more about how you can place your order by telephone, email, fax, or post. We offer a number of different ways for college and university staff and students to order. If you are a tutor or administrator at the college, you can place bulk orders for your students with free delivery to the college by contacting our dedicated colleges team:.

Please allow working days for delivery to all UK addresses; working days for Europe and working days for the Rest of the World.

We also offer students attending colleges who adopt Kaplan Publishing materials to order from Kaplan Publishing directly using a college order form or special code. Quantity 1 2 3 4 5. Topics covered: check. Online materials If you have purchased online content you'll access this via your MyKaplan account. You might also be interested in View details.Your CIMA case study exam is going to be tough to navigate through.

I speak from experience as someone who failed the final CIMA case study exam under the old syllabus a number of times before I finally qualified. The exam format is so different…the marking approach is so unique…the learning difficulty is higher…and you have to complete each section if you want a hope of passing. To help you overcome this fear, my aim in this post is to fill in those knowledge gaps. If you achieve each one of the items on the list, you will produce a strong script that clearly passes.

And be well on your way to CIMA qualification. In each CIMA case study exam you will be acting out a role as an employee of the organisation in the case. Essentially it will be as if you were working at your own workplace where your boss or other senior management has asked you to provide them with information to help solve an issue they have brought to your attention.

Depending on which level of the qualification you are sitting your case study, your exact role will differ according to the advice provided by CIMA. So you need to be aware of what is expected of you in your role and demonstrate that with confidence in your exam. Following this guidance is what helps you generate the marks across the full range of the marking scheme.

And it sets the tone and approach for the reports you must write on exam day. In a future article I will go into greater detail about each element of the role you have to play and break down what it means when it comes to the answer you provide.

As this is considered assumed knowledge by your examiner. Instead, you will need to use your theoretical knowledge in the context of the case study company and more importantly the specifics of the information provided in the scenario for each section of your exam.

Application is often the key here then as you need to judge which theory or theories is most appropriate to be used in helping to address the specific requirements in each section of your exam. I will go into greater detail about how to apply relevant theory to score highly at a later date. But what is worth bearing in mind right now is that of all the topics throughout your P, E and F papers, some are far more likely to be tested in your CIMA case study exam than others.

Ethics in particular comes up a lot and is often dealt with badly according to the examiners. So if you want to get a comprehensive revision of the key theoretical models and ethical issues likely to come up in your exam, I highly recommend the condensed case study theory text books and Ethics packs from Astranti.

With this in mind, being very familiar with the pre seen and analysing it carefully will help you determine such things as where the company stands right now financially, the potential risks it faces and what the current trends are in the sector.

For instance, your analysis of the pre seen might suggest that a certain product line is in decline and becoming unprofitable. You could then use this knowledge in your exam to discuss divestment as a possible option when required to advise on sources of funding for a new investment opportunity in a growing area of the business. You can learn more about how to analyse your pre seen quickly and effectively here. In the objective tests you are given a very clear question and a very specific answer needs to be given.

This is not so in the case study papers. Within each section of your CIMA case study exam there will be two or three requirements buried away in the information you are given. It is your job to find them and then write your answer to address each one sufficiently. In fact, being able to identify what the requirements are from all the information you are given in each section of your exam is a key skill being tested.

This is especially true in the SCS exam. This replicates real life situations where often your boss will give you a general outline of what they are after and you have to decide what information needs to be provided in order to help them resolve the issue they are facing. Because generally speaking, each requirement will carry the same amount of marks within a section.

If you answer two of the requirements really well — scoring 8 out of 10 for both — but you miss the third requirement completely, you will fail that section because you only scored 16 out of This will waste your time and score you no marks. To make sure you address all this in your answer, and score well, you need to spend some time putting a plan together of the key points you want to make.

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