Twin disc marine transmission specifications

Palmer Johnson is an authorized Twin Disc distributor and service center. Palmer Johnson maintains an extensive inventory of Twin Disc units and genuine Twin Disc replacement parts. Palmer Johnson has the experience you're looking for - more than 30 years servicing and selling Twin Disc products. Twin Disc manufactures heavy-duty powershift transmissions, marine gears, power take-offs, hydraulic PTOs, clutches, pump drives, torque converters and other power transmission components.

Designed to match engine life, the new Series automatic transmission consists of a 9-speed coaxial power-shift transmission and an advanced electronic control system, with a maximum gross input power rating up to kW hp at RPM. The Series transmission system consists of a 9 speed coaxial power-shift transmission and the advanced TDEC electronic control system. The transmission system consists of an engine mounted 21 or 23 inch type 8 torque converter, a 9 speed coaxial power-shift transmission and an advanced electronic control system.


The transmission system consists of an engine mounted The AWD Series transmission system consists of an engine mounted Features and Benefits Full-time all-wheel drive with shift on the fly differential lock provides high performance in off-road conditions. Advanced electronic controls provide ease of operation and maximum flexibility in tailoring the transmission system performance to the specific application. Reduced downtime: Durable heavy-duty components, combined with electronic controls that prevents overspeed, shift shocks and reduce the effects of operator error, result in increased machine availability and less wear and tear on other machine components.

Leave this field blank.We stock a wide range of parts as well as complete new and rebuilt transmissions. Contact us if you have questions, would like to purchase a transmission or parts, or to schedule transmission service.

As a rule, gear clatter is the result of an unfavorable interaction of individual components, such as engine, couplings, gears, propeller shaft, and propeller. Such influences are beyond the control and responsibility of transmission manufacturers.

Gear clatter under load may occur at a specific RPM. It is caused by design factors, such as number of cylinder, number of propeller blades, engine speed, and number of gear teeth. These may incite natural frequencies of the drive unit to such an extent that tooth flanks separate off and clatter despite their load from the torque.

This gear clatter under load may damage the gears. Gear clatter at idle may occur when there are low numbers of revolutions per minute.

The phenomenon is due to irregularities during the ignition and combustion process which occur at low engine speeds. This type of gear clatter increases with the specific output of the engine, the reduction of moveable engine masses and a diminished idle speed. As a rule, idle gear clatter will not damage the gears, as almost no torque is transmitted at low speeds or when idling.

It produces, however, a disagreeable noise.

twin disc marine transmission specifications

Measures against gear clatter under load: By calculating in advance the natural frequency of the drive unit and choosing the adequate resilient coupling, for instance, the critical natural frequency is dislocated from the range of operating speeds, or the critical vibration moments are damped.

Measures against gear clatter at idle: More often than not, a suitable dampening coupling is the solution to idle gear clatter, as the transmission cannot influence this phenomenon. Lightweight automotive flywheels can contribute to gear clatter, so heavier marine flywheels are always recommended. In diesel engines, gear clatter can be very prominent, so selecting a good dampening coupling is very important.

A major cause of gear clatter is a poor alignment of the drive unit and prop shaft. All components of the drive unit should be carefully aligned during installation. Alignment should be checked at regular intervals, such as during oil changes. This depends on how often your boat is used and how much idling is done versus cruising. Generally once every 6 months twice a year is safe. If you use your boat heavily, or the engine idles a lot, you may want to change oil more often. When an engine idles or is run at low rpms, it creates more vibration for the transmission, as the firing impulses are farther apart.

This causes more wear and tear than when cruising. All transmissions will have an identification tag somewhere on the top or side from the factory. If this is still present, the model number, ratio, and other information will be listed on it. The problem is these tags can become rusted and hard to read, or may be missing entirely.

If there is no tag present, the best way to find out what transmission you have is to take digital pictures, upload them to an image hosting service such as Imgur or PhotoBucket, and email us links to the images. A compression check is a must before putting any blame on the transmission. This plate absorbs the engine's firing impulses, is the last link between the engine and transmission, and connects directly to the transmission's input splines. With a bad drive plate, even the slightest variation in firing impulses from the engine can cause transmission noise.

Noise may be more apparent at idle, since the engine firing impulses are further apart. Avoid idling for great lengths of time as this puts extra wear on the transmission. Transmissions last the longest at steady cruising speeds and with no high-rpm shifting. Both of these can put your transmission at risk.Home Log In.

Retrieve Shopping Cart by email address. Click here and enter email address. Search Our Site. Harkers Island, NC for part information for technical help. New Products All Products Transmissions used - rebuilt. Displaying 1 to 34 of 34 products. Includes Coupling and mounting bolts. NON returnable. These were very popular in house boats and other marine V-Drive applications. This unit is in Great shape. No play in Replaces OEM: New Old Stock! The early borg warner Transmissions used a 10 sline input shaft about and earlierThis Drive Damper fits primarily GM engines using a 14 inch flywheel.

This fits so many Does not fit Low Hour Repower Takeout. The most popular 1.

Good Used Twin Disc MG514C 4.5 Marine Transmission

This Transmission has an 8 degree down angle to make your engine installation clean and your engine sit almost level. Uses the same 5 inch Great low hours takeout. Low Hour Repower. Uses the same 5 inch coupling that a Borg Warner Velvet Drive uses! Only works on LH automotive rotation engines, but you can use a LH Suitable for high Hurth Model A Ratio These units are Rebuilt units. Can use a Left Hand or Right Hand propeller. Price is Repower Take-off Rear transmission mounts as used by Chrysler Marine.

Used Repower Takeoff. Cleaned and inspected. Includes two mounts with Tested for leaks and operation. Paragon Marine Transmission P44R 2.

Good Working Takeout from recent repower. Paragon P32AL 1.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You can also call us at Print out our checklist and post it in your boat engine room or Marine work station. If you would like to be notified when your suggestion is implemented. Troubleshooting Guide. Remove main regulator valve parts from valve body, and clean parts.

Broken or worn piston rings on clutch shafts Remove pump mount and selector valve assembly from rear cover. Remove piston rings from clutch shafts. Install new piston rings on clutch shafts. Damaged or worn oil pump assembly. Remove and replace the oil pump assembly. Damaged or worn clutch piston, piston rings Remove marine gear.

Disassemble clutches, and replace damaged or worn parts. Scored valve bore in selector valve assembly. Remove selector valve assembly.

Disassemble selector valve assembly and inspect valve bore. Reverse clutch housing gear turning on shaft. No oil pressure Low oil level or empty sump. Check gaskets and seals for leakage. Replace parts causing leakage, and fill marine gear sump.

Twin Disc MG-5090A Marine Gear

Fully clogged filter screen. Remove and clean filter screen. Damaged suction tube. Disassemble and inspect suction tube. Replace parts as required.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For convenience in looking up parts and pricing for your marine transmission please click here.

You can call us at or Print out our checklist and post it in your boat engine room or Marine work station. If you would like to be notified when your suggestion is implemented. Troubleshooting Guide. Disassemble the valve and clean piston. Broken piston rings on clutches Remove the manifold and dissemble the clutches.

Replace piston rings.

twin disc marine transmission specifications

Come-home setscrew loose or missing Remove the some-home access pipe plugs. Tighten a loose come-home setscrew by turning counterclockwise, or replace setscrew. Damaged or worn oil pump assembly. Remove and replace oil pump.

twin disc marine transmission specifications

Incorrect linkage installed on selector valve assembly Adjust linkage so that selector valve stem is indexed properly by detent. Clogged or plugged orifice in orifice plate of selector valve assembly Remove orifice plate cover.

Clean parts. No oil pressure, or erratic low pressure at control valve tap Low oil level or empty sump.

Check gaskets and seals for leakage. Replace parts causing leakage Fill marine gear. Fully clogged oil strainer Remove and clean oil strainer. High main oil pressure Stuck pressure regulation piston in selector valve assembly. Remove selector valve assembly. Overheating Insufficient heat exchanger capacity. Find a heat exchanger of sufficient capacity and replace it. Insufficient cooling water flow.

Inside diameter of water lines too small. Replace lines with larger inside diameter hoses. Clutches Slipping. Low oil pressure will cause a clutch to slip.

Adjust clutch. Oil levels too high Correct oil level. Improper oil sump.

Twin Disc Marine Specifications

Drain marine gear, and fill with proper oil. Trolling at too high engine speed. Clutch plates warped Replace Clutch plates. Excessive noise Worn splines between reverse driving and driven gears and clutch shafts Remove marine gear, dissemble marine gear, and replace worn splined parts.Docking is simplified!

Neutral start logic in the EC control provides protection against start-in-gear conditions. All controls provide for direct connection of 3 stations, and doublers can be used on any of the three station inputs. Custom configurations can provide for more than 6 stations. The control head lever handles are designed to operate jointly with one hand. Because synchronization mode operates with the control levers approximately in the same position, abrupt changes of engine speed are avoided when entering and leaving synchronization mode.

Trolling mode and one of two preset engine speeds are selected at the same time via the multi-function selector. Allowing lever position for entry and exit from trolling mode is limited to a few degrees around forward and reverse detent to protect the propulsion system components. Shaft brake application times are selectable and proportional to the throttle lever and time at that level.

The design allows for faster gear changing without damage to the propulsion system or stalling of the engine. This feature will prevent damage to clutch plates and annoying engagement jars caused by engine speed-up prior to closure of the clutch. In the event of a power failure, mechanical type throttle and gear selector can be operated manually without modification or disassembly of any components. All engine interface circuitry is is isolated to prevent interaction between the engine controller and the EC control system.

Direct, proportional, and three valve neutral impulse style drivers are available for gear selector. PWM drivers are available in either open loop or current feedback configuration for control of trolling valves.

System component connector sizes are arranged to minimize installation errors and preparation time. No hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, pumps or valves to plumb, drain, or leak test. Mechanical actuator directions for throttle, troll, and gear are selectable by programming shunts conveniently located in a topside access panel.

Synchronization gain, hold in gear or shaft brake times, and elevated idle level adjustments are also available via the access panel. Insulated mounting holes in the control enclosure eliminate the need for isolating sub bases when mounting controls.

Rugged, heavy gauge stainless steel control enclosures withstand hostile installations and operating stresses. The EC control system is designed to meet or exceed the following specifications.

These specifications are selected to satisfy US, Australian, and European regulatory agency requirements and recommendations. The bonding circuitry design of the EC control system allows it to work in either U.

A Aluminium Bronze with chrome plating or gold-tone coating for control head. Resistant to normally encountered levels of dust, dirt, oil, greese, solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and sea water. Isolated relays contacts have non-polar MOV protection. Direct drive outputs have transient suppression diodes which are referenced to battery negative power.

The basic Model EC Control System consists of a control, a lever assembly and one or more wiring harnesses. The control system coordinates the transmission direction and the engine RPM. One control is required for each engine. If the control uses mechanical actuators, there are rotary devices with electrical clutches which disengage when power is turned off, allowing manual operation of transmission direction selector and the throttle, without the need to dismantle components of the control system.

A separate connector is provided for each of the three station control head cables, the optional speed sensor cables, a communication cable, and one multi-purpose cable for power, troll, and options. The stainless steel control housing includes isolated mounting feet, a topside access panel for setup, and cable clamp brackets for mounting mechanical push-pull cables to interface to throttle governors and transmission selector levers.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Diesel Pro is a leading supplier of parts for marine equipment, and we are excited to add Twin Disc marine transmission parts to our growing inventory of reliable, premium-grade items. For over 28 years we have been serving those who work on, and around, boats, and understand the need to keep the essential components in top condition, year after year.

Shop our Twin Disc marine transmission parts today and get everything you need to keep on running smoothly. Founded inTwin Disc is renowned for manufacturing heavy-duty transmissions, power take-offs, clutches, torque converters and many more transmission components for the most demanding marine applications. In addition, land-based applications of Twin Disc products can be found in fire, rescue, construction, military, agriculture, forestry, refuse and recycling equipment. Since the marine transmission is a key link between the motor and the propeller, it only makes sense to take precautions to make sure it continues to perform.

The first step is to locate the nameplate. This small piece of metal contains very valuable information, including the model number. We separate all of the parts by model number, so be sure to check here before ordering any parts. This will ensure that you will not run into any problems later on. The nameplate also contains other valuable information, such as the recommended maintenance frequency, type of oil, oil viscosity, and what the oil pressure should be for the unit.

The oil pressure value is usually for cruising speed, which is about two-thirds of full throttle. Did you know that Twin Disc makes and services the marine transmission for all of the major engine parts manufacturers such as CumminsDetroit Dieseland Caterpillar? Skip the trip to the manufacturer and buy Twin Disc products, including Twin Disc marine gears and transmission parts, online from Diesel ProPower. One of our best sellers is our gasket and seal kits.

If you notice excessive oil around your transmission, if the oil pressure is low, or if the oil levels are low, then this kit is an absolutely key item to purchase. Our kits come with everything you will need for to perform the repair, including the following:. The seal usually sits in the retainer, in the front of the housing.

This is where the shaft meets the transmission body and is crucial to keeping the pressure at the proper PSI.

To determine the right PSI, check the nameplate. These small parts serve a vital purpose, keeping the shaft and seals in place. These items are small in order to fit into the limited space inside the gear unit. However, with time these pieces can warp and need to be replaced. Ours are made from high-quality metals and are built to last.

Whenever the unit is taken apart, the gaskets must be replaced. All of our kits come with all of the gaskets that will have to be replaced after servicing. This sealant is applied to the nuts and bolts to ensure that they will not move out of place from vibration or during normal operation. Instead, we keep the widest inventory possible on hand — including fast- medium- and slow-moving parts — so the overwhelming majority of components are ready to ship from our warehouse within 24 hours of receiving your order.

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